The All-Telling Tale : Mythic development with intent to distribute

Keeping conscience codified and corruptible.

time_2551_300Self-annhilation couldn't be more communicable. Don't trust the breaks in thought; they are expandable.



Words, teeth, lips and tongue…

Were tasteful of what you read.
Try and translate me.

Everything you didn’t want to know

… Was written somewhere and predestined for posterity to fasten to an image still pixelating… Or aiming it’s glance to memetic ally mate me to your memory and discover me as something you were thinking all along.

Fragmenting me into obstacles of eternity over-stretching to seize me aspects of Internet intersecting to measure me in angles as to how my attention draws itself in curves.

Defragmenting the policy of convention v/a the collective chasm

How dark is a quark anyway when subjected to me?

About as confinity as my quantum we’d on speed “collectively”

Maybe THAT’s the question u should ask Simi.

(A Not-So) Standard Cameo

The means to “shipmate”

I appreciated in value, the dusk of rust colored remnants of “so far, not true” and read unto you my registry of repair, and where I “fused the future with technology encompassed by a vacant stare as to where I occurred to enter naught and roamed the tape-stry… As a tree with/9iut roots to redirect my face to the glance if your grace and I suit you now a name to agent me the recovery of all my fill in the blanks thanks for my encouragement.
Now I return to the realm of “real meant” and I scene to dream a drape to tape to a structure that wore me like the taper if a wind could resend my annulment.
Wrapped up in all my modalities, I impair the quartz in your watch to dock me intellectually .


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